Thursday, 19 March 2015

Spring is Sprung!

Wedding season is almost upon us just as Spring is beginning to arrive! Which means a surge of pastel invitations, a whirlwind of tulle and lace overskirts, romantic off the-shoulder necklines, flower tiaras and a lot of celebrating.

We spend this time carefully selecting gifts and we have the ultimate luxury gift idea in mind: the bride’s wedding gown perfectly recreated in miniature by our skilled team, from her gown and veil right down to her bouquet, jewellery and now even her hair!

To celebrate this bridal season we are displaying our spring inspired wedding maquette, which was made for Susan Ruddick.  A gorgeous lightweight ivory duchesse silk satin gown with net petticoats, featuring a beautiful hand painted rose design which reflects the original dress to perfection!

What could be more unique than having your wedding dress on display as a memento of such a special day? Rather than relegating it to a box in the attic, it can now be kept on display as a miniature work of art!

Our miniature wedding dress for Susan Ruddick.
Photograph by George Chinn.

Floral wedding cake - perfect for the spring bridal season!

Rose tiara.

Elie Saab couture - Spring / Summer 2014.

Side view of Susan's miniature wedding dress replica.
Photograph by Richard Wilding.

Back view of Susan's wedding dress replica.
Photograph by Richard Wilding.

Dior haute couture embroidery.

Dior Petit Theatre - touring exhibition of their miniature dresses.

Dior Petit Theatre - couture embroidery.

Our miniature wedding dress replica for Susan Ruddick.
Photograph by Richard Wilding

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