Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Winter Wonderland

In winter our focus turns towards home and comfort with shorter and chillier days and we have the perfect thing to capture your attention!

The Little Costume Shop is displaying a very special little fairy, one which would make the ultimate adornment for your home, adding a touch of sparkle during these darker months.

Our Snowflake Fairy tutu from The Nutcracker ballet is decorated with silver tissue glittering beneath the top layer of the silk ombreed tulle skirt. She glitters and shines with tiny Swarovski crystals, antique rhinestones and unique 1920’s shaped gelatine sequins.  

Make the most of these frosty days. Invest in one of our costume maquettes to bring romanticism and glamour into a little corner in your home.  

(And did you know that we can make wings to go with any fairy?)

Have a wonderful winter!

Our 'Snowflake Fairy' tutu.
Photograph by Richard Wilding. 

Close up of our 'Snowflake Fairy' tutu.
Photograph by George Chinn.

Priscilla Lane, 1940

Debbie Reynolds celebrating New Year 1953.

Vintage Vogue front cover. 1930's

Our 'Snowflake Fairy' costume miniature.
Photograph by George Chinn.

A bird's eye view of our 'Snowflake Fairy' costume miniature.
Photograph by George Chinn

Vintage Vogue cover.

Cyd Charisse, 1940's 

Our 'Snowflake Fairy' costume miniature.
Photograph by George Chinn.